Ridge Wallet vs Groove Wallet (It’s Closer Than You Think)

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Groove Wallet and Ridge Wallet are two of the biggest names in the minimalist wallet game. They are both built to minimize the junk in your wallet, but in two different ways. Without having both in your hands, it’s difficult to know exactly which one is right for you, but I can give you the next best thing, as I have both in my hands right now and have put them through their paces over the past couple of years.

I was gifted my Ridge Wallet years ago by my wife, and it was the wallet that got me into testing minimalist wallets like these. Meanwhile the Groove Wallet was gifted to me by the brand about nine months ago (as of this writing) to test out.

Both wallets have spent a good amount of time in my pocket, and while the Ridge Wallet remains my favorite option, the Groove Wallet is likely the better option for a considerable amount of people.

So I’ll put both of these wallets up against each other in eight different categories so you can decide if any category is a deal-breaker for you, and then give my final recommendation at the end.

What is the Groove Wallet?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  • Very high quality
  • Simple internal mechanism
  • Satisfying click when it is engaged
  • Compact sizing
  • Small Capacity
  • Hard to get cards in and out of front pocket
  • Metal can damage things in the pocket
  • Dimensions: 3.89" High by 2.48" Wide by .27" Deep
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 9
  • Cash Organization: Strap or Money Clip
  • Coin Storage: No
  • Weight: 98 Grams
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This wallet follows a formula similar to the Ekster Cardholder (which was gifted to me by that brand as well, and I reviewed here) of fanning cards out the top of the wallet by an internal mechanism. 

It promises easy access to up to six cards, with extra storage for up to two cards on the exterior (if you have the “Go” wallet attachment). In this case, rather than pushing a button to fan the cards out, you push upwards on an exterior plate of the wallet.

These wallets are incredibly high quality, are built well, and get hold up to their claims easily. Just in case you want to read a full review of this wallet, I have that right here!

What is the Ridge Wallet?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  • Easy access to your most-used cards
  • It looks awesome
  • Extremely durable
  • You can't make it bloated.
  • Compact sizing
  • More difficult to access lesser-used cards
  • It could hold a bit more cash.
  • Dimensions: 0.24" by 3.39" by 2.13"
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 12
  • Cash Organization: Strap or Money Clip
  • Coin Storage: No (accessory available)
  • Weight: 59 - 87 grams (depending on material)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Ridge Wallet takes a more traditional and lower-tech approach than the Groove Wallet by utilizing the two metal plates and elastic strap that holds up to twelve cards on the interior of the wallet by utilizing pressure. 

To access the cards, you push upwards in the provided notch with your finger, which in turn pushes the cards out of the wallet for easy access. If you want to learn more about this wallet, I have a full review here!

1. Styling & Aesthetics (Winner: Groove Wallet)

This was a difficult category for me, as I think that both wallets are strong in the aesthetics department. However, the Go attachment (with the high-quality leather), along with the matte metal on the Groove Wallet, wins out for me just a little bit. I also prefer the styling of the Groove Wallet when the cards are out of the shell; while the Ridge Wallet tends to fan out the cards randomly (depending on how you push them out with your finger), the Groove does a better job at fanning them out evenly and giving a better overall presentation.

Now, it should be mentioned that if you like having your own style for a wallet, Ridge Wallet has considerably more options out there. While Groove is launching more colors and materials, Ridge has a big leg up on the competition by being one of hte older nameplates.

However, for the base model wallet, it’s hard to compete with the Groove Wallet when it comes to overall style.

2. Build Quality (Winner: Groove Wallet)

Both of these wallets have some of the highest quality standards in the minimalist wallet industry. They don’t cut corners (unless it’s a corner that needs cut of course), and there aren’t any jagged edges or quality issues whatsoever.

However, I think the Groove Wallet edges out the Ridge a bit in my mind with quality, due to the added mechanism for fanning out the cards. Of course, the Ridge is a simple design, but I can’t get over how well implemented the sliding plate design is on the Groove. It not only works flawlessly, but the clicking sound when it engages is impressive.

3. Card capacity (Winner: Ridge Wallet)

Now, I mentioned that I prefer the Ridge Wallet over the Groove Wallet earlier in this article, and card capacity is the main reason why this is so. 

The Groove Wallet has a capacity of six cards in the main cardholder portion, and then you can keep 1-2 cards in a quick access slot (ultimately I would only recommend a single card). Meanwhile, the Ridge comfortabley handles up to 12 cards without any issues.

I keep more than seven cards on me at any time, which means that my Groove Wallet languishes in my collection, mostly unused, as I am unable to take the cards that I need with me when I have the Groove in my pocket.

4. Durability (Winner: Ridge Wallet)

Let me start this off by saying, I have had no durability issues with the Groove Wallet. However, the fact that it does have moveable components (even if it is a simple mechanism) means that it has a place where it can fail.

Meanwhile, since the Ridge Wallet has no moving components, it’s easy to see that the Ridge stands out as the better option for durability.

5. Overall Usability (Winner: Tie)

Now, I’ve gone on record saying that the Groove Wallet is THE BEST wallet that I don’t use. Outside of the fact that I can’t hold enough cards in the wallet for my needs, its day-to-day usage is fantastic. The ability to reliably fan out the cards quickly and easily, the high-quality leather quick access pouch (and cash strap), and everything about it is fantastic, with no other real downsides.

Meanwhile, if you are someone that has more than seven cards, the Ridge Wallet can’t easily be beat. Its reliable, easy to use, and looks great. This really is a difficult category to call out a winner on, as they do a great job.

I’m also not just saying that, as there are wallets that just don’t work for me in this category (unfortunately).

Sizing – Ridge Wallet

6. Pricing (Winner: Groove Wallet)

Both of these wallets are premium options, and are both north of 80 dollars in their base model form. I used to say I didn’t want to spend money on something to hold money, but that was before I had the chance to spend time with wallets like these.

When it comes to pricing, the Groove’s base price sits just $5 cheaper than the Ridge, leaving the Groove as the winner in the pricing category.

That said, the Groove doesn’t come with a cash strap equipped unless you add the “Go” wallet to your order, which easily prices itself over the Ridge with that functionality. 

So, if you need to hold cash in your wallet, the Ridge will ultimately be the cheaper base price. However, you might find yourself looking to upgrade to higher-end versions of the Ridge, which can get spendy.

7. Warranty & Returns (Winner: Ridge Wallet)

I’m a big fan of warranties, as it can mean free product down the road if something goes wrong with your wallet, so I try to always include this section in my reviews and comparisons.

In the case of this comparison, the Ridge Wallet compares its 99 day return policy, and a lifetime warranty to Groove Life’s 30 day return policy and a 94 year warranty.

Now, it should be mentioned that this requires the product to be in like-new condition on both (on the return policy portion), which means you likely won’t be able to return it after a couple of days of real usage, but the Ridge wins out in this category for both return policy and warranty.

Who are these wallets for?

It’s not often I don’t choose an easy winner between two products, as I generally choose the one that I gravitate towards. In this case, the Ridge Wallet is easily the wallet that I find myself using more, and enjoying more.

However, that ultimately is due to the fact that it just can’t hold enough cards. Outside of card capacity, the Groove Wallet is an amazing, high-quality wallet.

I think if you are someone who has no plans to have more than 6-7 cards in your wallet at any time, the Groove Wallet will be an amazing choice.

However, if you are like me and need more than that, the Ridge Wallet is the obvious choice between the two. Regardless, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these wallets.

By the way, these two wallets aren’t the only ones in the world! Here are all of my favorites right now.

Where can you buy these wallets?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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