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The Groove Wallet is the BEST WALLET that I DON’T USE (A Review)

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

I have tested a lot of wallets at this point, ranging from metal to carbon fiber to leather wallets. They all have their own upsides and downsides, catering to a specific audience.

However, I had wanted to test out the Groove Wallet by Groove Life for quite some time. It promised to be a high-quality, compact metal wallet with the added benefit of leather accents to give it that luxurious feel. So, with that thought in mind, I did what any good influencer would do, I asked the brand for a free one to try out, and they were kind enough to do so!

TL;DR: I highly recommend the Groove Life Groove Wallet. It is a high-quality, easy-to-use wallet for those looking to get into a minimalist wallet. The only person that I would recommend steering clear of this wallet is someone who needs a higher card capacity than 6 or 7 cards, as this wallet won’t be able to handle that (unfortunately, I fall into that crowd).

What is the Groove Wallet?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  • Very high quality
  • Simple internal mechanism
  • Satisfying click when it is engaged
  • Compact sizing
  • Small Capacity
  • Hard to get cards in and out of front pocket
  • Metal can damage things in the pocket
  • Dimensions: 3.89" High by 2.48" Wide by .27" Deep
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 9
  • Cash Organization: Strap or Money Clip
  • Coin Storage: No
  • Weight: 98 Grams
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Groove Wallet is a metal, minimalist wallet that can handle up to seven cards (as long as you have the leather addition, six cards otherwise) and sets itself apart from the competition by releasing the cards by sliding the metal plate found on the face of the wallet upwards, rather than utilizing a trigger-style button like is found on competitors like Ekster’s wallets.

If you opt to not have the “Go” attachment, you can cut down a bit on the depth of the wallet and keep cash on the wallet via a money clip. However, I opted for the “Go” accessory, which is a semi-permanent change to the wallet, as it is attached via screws (the updated version uses adhesive).

How did I test the wallet?

Like all the other wallets I have tested, I put the Groove Life Groove Wallet into rotation! I regularly switch between my library of wallets, trying out different features and noting what annoys me or makes my life that much easier. Wallets have long been one of my favorite things to test, and testing this one was no different.

What do I like about it?

1. Very high quality

The first thing that I noticed after unboxing this wallet was just how high-quality it is. At this point, I have tested quite a few different wallets (from quite a few large names), and this one stands out as the highest-quality wallet I have in my collection.

All of the gaps are even, screws are tightened just right, and the cards are ejected correctly every time. The leather on the wallet is aging as it should, with no loose threads in the stitching, and the elastic band is holding up exceptionally well. As far as quality is concerned, I’m not concerned.

2. Simple internal mechanism

The internal mechanism of this wallet is very simple. There is essentially a single rod on the interior that is attached to the base of the wallet and then to the plate. Pressing upwards on the plate moves the rod upwards, and the cards are fanned upwards with the rod. There are only two attachment points, and it’s kept simple.

Why does this matter for the wallet’s reliability? When you add complexity to a product, it’s more likely to fail (think about luxury vehicles). I’m a big fan of how this one is built and don’t think it will have many problems (even if you did, this has a lifetime warranty).

3. Satisfying click when it is engaged

I’m a car guy deep down, and the satisfying click when you engage the wallet reminds me of the Mercedes G-Wagon. The brand has refined the sound of the G-Wagon’s door locks to an art, in that there is a healthy and loud click whenever you lock the doors.

I liken the Groove Wallet to that, where you have a satisfying click every time you release the cards. I haven’t seen something like this on any other wallet I have tested, and I very much enjoy it.

4. Compact sizing

Groove uses the plate moving upward to engage the cards, rather than a trigger, so you don’t have to have a mechanism at the base of the wallet to push the cards upwards. This allows it to fan out the cards, without the extra height you find in some competitors (like the Eskter Wallets). I appreciate their forethought on this, as it is an important detail, especially considering they are going after the minimalist wallet crowd.

What do I NOT like about it?

1. The metal plate is quite slick.

After reviewing the quality of the wallet (which we talked about earlier), I noticed how slick the metal plate was. You push upward on this plate to engage the cards (to fan them out). However, I kept finding that the surface of the wallet was too slick, resulting in my thumb sliding every time I used the wallet.

Now, to give credit where credit is due. Groove Life thought of this and included a little textured sticker (and a template for placing it) that negates this concern. However, I preferred the cleaner look without the sticker (especially since I slightly installed the sticker at a slant), but am unable to use the wallet correctly without the sticker.

2. Small Capacity

As I said in the title of this article, this is the best wallet I don’t use. I don’t find myself using this wallet as a daily driver because it doesn’t fit enough cards. The wallet interior can handle up to six cards, which is industry standard for these cardholder-style wallets. However, the “Go” attachment only allows for one (maybe two) card to be added (advertised as three). Meanwhile, competitors like Ekster allow for quite a few more on the exterior of the wallet.

I am someone that definitely has more than seven cards on me at any one time, meaning I either have to choose between a different wallet, or to run the chance of being inconvenienced because I don’t have all of the cards that I need.

3. Hard to get cards in and out of front pocket

Now, this is less against the Groove Wallet itself and more towards the “Go” attachment. This is a leather accessory that screws onto the wallet itself (more modern versions use an adhesive), and it features a pocket and a cash strap. Most wallet brands utilize this extra pocket to either provide quick access to the main card you use or to give you additional storage for more cards.

However, I have found that this does not work for either purpose. Its capacity is one card, but that one card also gets stuck in the pocket. The leather hugs the card a bit too tightly for you to easily slide the card out, leaving you with storage for one card and only one card that you don’t use often.

4. Metal can damage things in the pocket.

The final downside to the Groove Wallet is its metal construction. While the metal construction gives it its premium feel, and the mechanism to eject the cards, it also can damage other things in your pockets. 

If you are someone that keeps your phone in the same pocket as your wallet, or other items that are prone to damage, then this wallet just might damage those items. Thankfully, this isn’t much of an issue for me, as I use Ekster’s Key Case (that they had gifted me) which isn’t prone to damage, and my phone lives in its own pocket.

Who is the Groove Wallet for (Final Verdict)?

Now, I have gone through quite a few different things about this wallet, including what I do and I don’t like, and even the fact that I don’t personally use this wallet as much as it’s quality deserves due to the capacity concern. However, I do HIGHLY recommend this wallet to these people.

1. For those that don’t have more than six cards

This wallet is truly amazing and is by far one of the favorite wallets that I have ever used. The ONLY reason I don’t use it is it’s capacity. I have to have more than 6-7 cards on me at a time to make sure I have everything that I need, and the Groove Wallet can’t do that at this point. 

However, if you only need six cards (or less) on you at a time, then I would be fine with telling you to get this wallet. It’s everything that a high-quality minimalist wallet should be (refer to the things I liked earlier in this article).

2. Someone who likes leather

Now I know that you can get this wallet without the leather attachment. However, I personally like leather for aesthetic purposes. It is awesome to have the feel of the leather but the utility of a metal wallet all in one product.

Has the Groove Wallet changed over the years?

It’s not often a wallet that goes through iterations over its lifespan. However, the Groove Life Groove Wallet has! When I was sent this wallet by Groove Life, it came with the Go attachment preinstalled via screws. 

However, since they sent me this unit, they have switched over to making the leather “Go” wallet an adhesive product. When you receive the wallet, it shows up in two pieces, and then you can add the leather portion to the wallet and call it good.

While I personally see this new version as a downside (I like the screws), I can see why this choice was made, as they sell the leather portion separately now as a wallet you can attach to the back of your phone as well.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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