1-Year Ekster Key Case Long-Term Review (My Daily Driver)

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Key organizers are the forgotten cousin of the minimalist wallet. They don’t get nearly the recognition that the wallets do, yet they fix some massive problems. While wallets organize your cards into an easy-to-manage stack, key organizers do the same with your keys.

Well, I’ve had a chance to try out quite a few different key organizers over the years, with this Ekster Key Case being one of my favorites (and has been my daily driver for quite a long time now)! Ekster has been a great partner here and gifted me this key organizer to check out.

What is the Ekster Key Case?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  • High quality build
  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn't damage other items in pocket
  • Easy to install keys
  • Not overly customizable
  • Smaller key capacity
  • Dimensions: .5" High by 1.2" Wide by 0.31" Deep
  • Capacity: 2 to 8 keys
  • Weight: Unknown
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05/19/2024 03:03 am GMT

The Ekster Key Case is a minimalist take on the key organizer game rather than a fully customizable version. It features a leather strap that wraps around your keys and is held together with a single screw that keeps your key in place and organized.

What do I like best about the Ekster Key Case?

1. It’s so durable

After over a year of regularly using this key organizer in my pocket, I can say how impressed I am with how durable it is. It looks nearly like the day I pulled it out of the packaging! Sure, there is slight wear and tear on the metal portion, but the leather looks almost perfect, with no damage whatsoever.

2. The leather strap looks great.

The leather strap that wraps around your keys on the Ekster Key Case makes it stand out from the other popular key organizers on the market. 

Not only is it functional (as we’ll talk about in a moment), but it also looks great. The leather is high quality, houses your keys well, and has a soft feel, rather than the hard metal that most other key organizers utilize.

3. This Key Case doesn’t damage my wallet.

I also tested the Ekster Carbon Fiber Card Holder (that the brand also gifted to me), and I quickly switched over to the Ekster Key Case so that I would know my new daily carry wallet wouldn’t get damaged. 

My Ridge Wallet (that I reviewed here) was used for over a year, and it did see wear and tear over that time (not a ton, but some) due to being in the same pocket as my key organizers. With the leather strap, I know that at least some damage won’t happen to my wallet.

4. The straightforward design makes it easy to see and install

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than two pieces of metal, a leather strap, and a screw for a key organizer’s build. However, in this case, it makes installing your key extremely easy. 

One of my biggest struggles with another key organizer (that I used for years) was that it was such a pain to install new keys that I found myself just not doing it and keeping other keys on the outside of the organizer. While the Keyport Pivot 2.0 (that KeyPort had gifted me) that I tested out did a much better job of easing that pain, this Key Case from Ekster makes it so much easier.

What do I NOT like about the Key Case?

1. It doesn’t include a pocket clip.

What I appreciated most about my KeySmart Rugged (which that brand had gifted me) is that it had a pocket clip. These clips allow the key organizer to sit at the top of your pocket rather than at the bottom. 

Without this feature, I have to dig around in my pocket, past my wallet and car keys (which causes extra bulk at the bottom of the pocket) to find the key organizer, rather than having easy and quick access that a pocket clip gives.

Now, I was able to resolve this by utilizing the RuSH tool from Keyport (which was gifted to me by that brand). It hooks onto the top of my pocket and allows it to rest near the bottom of my pocket, but it is still easily accessible.

Who is the Ekster Key Case for?

The Ekster Key Case is not for the person who wants the Swiss army knife of key organizers; rather, it is strictly meant to look and feel great while keeping your keys from being jumbled up in the bottom of your pocket and stabbing your leg. 

If you prefer minimalism over customization, the Key Case is for you. This organizer isn’t suitable if you want flexibility (like a Keyport Pivot 2.0 would have) and are okay with the extra bulk.

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