Grundéns Deck-Boss Slip-On Shoes Review

I gave up on fishing a long time ago; while I have always enjoyed it, I always sat there for hours with nothing to show for it other than a sunburn. That said, I haven’t given up on these Deck-Boss Slip-Ons, which are marketed towards anglers that stay on their boats all day and need an easy and comfortable way to walk around the deck, slip-free.

Why should you trust me? I have spent months using these Grunden’s Deck-Boss Slip-Ons as my go-to for taking out the trash, my quick visits into the yard, or whenever I need an easy-to-wear slip-on shoe. I have gotten quite used to them and have the stuff to share!

Quick Note: The brand sent these shoes out to me free of charge to check out; however, coverage was not guaranteed. All opinions are my own!

What are Grundéns Deck-Boss Slip-On shoes?

  • Rain boots, but with low-tops
  • Completely Waterproof
  • The insole is incredibly comfortable.
  • They look awesome
  • High-Quality
  • Great price point
  • No breathability
  • They are very heavy
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These waterproof slip-on shoes are just as at home on a boat, as at your home. Built with a high-quality natural gum rubber outsole, these shoes are made to be slip resistant, yet the interior insole is built for comfort for those long days on your feet. The siping on the bottom of the shoes moves water away from the base of your feet so that you get as much contact with the ground with every step.

How did I test these shoes?

I tested these Grunden’s shoes like I tested all of my products! I rotated them into my array of shoe choices and tested out how often I chose to wear these over my shoes. I took mental notes whenever I reached for these, over other shoes, and considered why that might be and what occasions happened. This article is a culmination of my findings!

What did I like about the shoes?

1. Rain boots, but with low-tops

I’m not fond of your standard rain boots; they are inflexible, are always far too high up your calf, and don’t look very nice.

These Deck-Boss shoes flip that on its head, as they give an excellent alternative to the unwieldy rainboots of the past and give you an easy-to-use shoe that does about 95% of what those shoes do, as most people aren’t waiting through puddles that are more than a couple inches deep anyways.

2. Completely Waterproof

Not worrying about getting your feet wet outside when walking the dog, watering your lawn, or just walking to the mailbox is exceptionally nice. While I have used a variety of slips on, none of them have been waterproof, and knowing that I don’t have to worry about this is such a nice upside.

3. The insole is incredibly comfortable.

The Deck-Boss Slip-Ons surprised me with their comfort. My feet are incredibly particular, and more often than not, my feet hurt with new shoes, and they end up sitting in my closet to be forgotten.

However, these shoes have done a fantastic job, as the insole gives just enough support, and there is just enough give in the shoe to make every stride comfortable and pain-free (what other waterproof rainboot can do that).

4. High-Quality

These shoes are incredibly high-quality for the price point (as we will get to in a moment). Everything is well put together, the sole is grippy, there aren’t any blemishes or manufacturing issues, and they work well. I have absolutely no complaints when it comes to quality.

5. Great price point

I was so surprised by these shoes and their price point. I have been testing out several shoes recently, and many are approaching the $200 price point. With these shoes sitting a little under $60, they still compete well in usability and quality with the other shoes I have been using. While they may not be the shoes you wear anywhere and everywhere, they are a fantastic value and are one of the best shoes for the price I have ever seen.

What did I NOT like about this product?

1. No breathability

While in no way surprising, these shoes do not offer breathability in any way. When walking around without socks on, you can hear air rushing out of the top of the shoe and around my feet on every step.

While this doesn’t happen when I have socks on, it shows off exactly how little air your feet are getting while wearing these shoes. It also means that even though these are very comfortable (as we discussed earlier), they aren’t great all-day, everyday-style shoes, as you will want more breathability.

2. They are very heavy

Much like any other shoe made with a thick rubber compound, these shoes are not lightweight. While you don’t notice the weight much while wearing the shoes, it is noticeable when you pick them up with your hands.

Who are these Grundéns for?

While these shoes are explicitly marketed to anglers out on the water all day, I have found that these work exceptionally well as short rain boots and a shoe I can wear on my short bouts outside. They are much more comfortable and reliable than many other shoes (like Crocs, for example) and are great for people who need to take their dogs outside quickly or take out the garbage. If that sounds like it, these are perfect!

However, the Deck-Boss shoes are only an excellent replacement for some-day shoes. These are short rain boots, which means they lack the breathability you need to wick away moisture and give you all-day comfort while on the move. That may be fine on a boat but is less than ideal at an office or home.

Should you buy these shoes?

If you are someone that needs a waterproof shoe, whether it be for going out boating and fishing (as these are marketed to), or are someone that wants them for camping, walking the dog, or just for shoes to wear when you step outside to get the mail, these are a fantastic shoe to do just that. While there may be cheaper options to do this, these do a fantastic job of being usable yet reasonably priced for a high-quality product.

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