Axwell Stonewashed Copper Wallet Review: It’s Heavy, but worth it!

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If you are still using a bi-fold leather wallet, you shouldn’t be. Wallets have come a long way in the past couple of years. They have gotten smaller, more premium, and oh so much more usable. The Axwell Wallets like this Stonewashed Copper wallet I have been testing, help you eliminate the unwanted junk in your wallet and move your wallet to the front pocket, so you don’t have to sit lopsided anymore.

Why should you trust me? I have been testing gear like this for years and have been using minimalist wallets for quite some time now as daily drivers. I utilized a competitor to this wallet for over a year and am very familiar with the minimalist wallet revolution. I like to show you each product’s good and bad, which you will find in this article!

Axwell recently contacted me and asked if I would be open to looking at their wallet! They sent me this wallet and their standard wallet (I’ll talk about this in another article), but they did not require any coverage to do so. However, I want to tell you about my favorite gear, so here we are!

What is Axwell Copper Wallet?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  • Uses real plate of copper
  • No visible screws
  • Swappable face plates
  • Both cash strap and money clip included
  • Quite heavy
  • Dimensions: 0.31" by 3.39" by 2.13"
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 12
  • Cash Organization: Strap & Clip Included
  • Coin Storage: No
  • Weight: 152 grams
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This wallet is a direct competitor to the top minimalist wallet, the Ridge Wallet. It maintains the same two plates and an elastic band design but modifies it in the hope of being a little more usable (and customizable). Instead of semi-permanently solution of screwing the plates down, Axwell allows you to remove the plates via magnets, meaning you can mix and match your plates to whatever you might want.

The Stonewashed Copper Wallet that I reviewed here is their heaviest wallet, as it features two REAL plates of copper, making it extremely premium. Top this off with the fact that it comes with both a cash strap and a money clip (also easily swappable), and you have a compelling minimalist wallet.

How did I test this Axwell Minimalist Wallet?

Just like every other wallet I test, I moved it into my daily routine. I switched my cards and cash to this wallet and used it like any other. I then took note of anything that bugged me or surprised me about the wallet to take note in this article.

What did I like about this product?

1. The premium feels with no compromise.

Initially, I had discussed the copper wallet with Axwell; however, they wanted to send out their standard wallet for me to compare to (again, I’ll talk about it in a different article), as the copper version is unique in their lineup, and is considerably heavier, yet more premium than many of their other options. 

They wanted to create a no-compromise metal wallet. While most manufacturers would take a less expensive aluminum plate and then coat it in copper, they opted to use a thick plate of genuine copper instead. While this adds quite a bit of weight to the wallet, it leaves an incredibly premium feel you can’t get from any other wallet out there.

2. Addition of both the cash strap and money clip

It annoys me that most manufacturers of these types of wallets require you to choose between a cash strap or a money clip (I’m looking at you, Ridge Wallet and Ekster). I want to try both to see what I like best with your specific wallet!

Axwell either knew this was a concern or saw it coming, as they offer all of their wallets with both styles in the box, so you can decide for yourself after purchase which works best.

Due to the magnetic structure (not held together by screws), switching between both styles at a moment’s notice is a simple procedure. You remove the plate, remove the band or clip, and replace it. The whole thing takes a couple of moments.

3. The clean design

If you have the Ridge Wallet and the Axwell next to each other, it is immediately noticeable that they have a cleaner design. Without screws, the copper plate on the Axwell is the center of attention and looks great. However, we’ll discuss the bezels in the next portion of the article.

4. The removable plates

I appreciate the easily removable plates on these Axwell wallets. It makes customization a breeze, as you can easily take the cash strap off and replace it with the money clip. It also lets you get additional plates and swap them out immediately (or mix and match if you prefer).

What did I NOT like about the Axwell Copper?

1. The significant weight

Buying the Stonewashed Copper wallet is a dedication to having a heavier wallet. While their standard wallets are just 2.6oz (on par with competitors), this one is nearly double the weight (5.35oz). 

While it doesn’t sound like much on paper, holding both styles together is significant. That said, in daily usage, the weight blends in with your car’s keys and, of course, your key organizer and is only noticeable once you take it out of your pocket again.

2. Obvious bezels

The modular (and screwless) design of Axwell Wallets allows it to have a clean face and an uninterrupted high-quality plate of copper. However, this modular design requires bezels for the plate to sit inside and not move around. 

Unfortunately, this upside is a drawback of always having a bezel around the plate. In contrast, competitors can have the plate to the edge (as they are held together by screws instead).

Who is this Copper Wallet for? 

This Stonewashed Copper Wallet from Axwell is perfect for someone who genuinely wants a premium feel to their wallet. The outer plates on this wallet are thick plates of natural copper, not just aluminum with copper plating.

This results in a heavy feel to the wallet that sets it far apart from other wallets on the market that prioritize lightweight designs over premium materials. This minimalist wallet works well for people who prefer a more compact design over rapid access to all of their cards, as there are some wallets with quicker access, yet they are larger.

This hefty wallet is not for someone looking to lower their wallet’s weight in their pocket. While this will allow you dimensions-wise to move your wallet to your front pocket, it is considerably heavier than other wallets, including leather bifold wallets.

Is the Axwell Stonewashed Copper wallet worth the money?

Compared to its direct competitors with premium metal plates, the Axwell is most definitely worth the money. That said, most people will want to forgo the wallet’s weight and opt for a lighter version of the wallet, such as the ones right here (Paid Link). Not only are they a lower cost, but they are about half the weight with the same benefits (other than the premium metal feel).

Ridge Wallet vs. Axwell Wallet

The Ridge Wallet and Axwell take a very similar approach to their design! Utilizing the two plates and an elastic band to hold cards together is nothing new, and using both wallets, brands are very much the same. The primary differences between the two are these:

  1. Axwell has removable plates
  2. Ridge wallets have screws
  3. Axwell lacks an elastic band on the bottom of the wallet
  4. Ridge wallet is not easily customizable
  5. Axwell comes with both a cash strap and a money clip
  6. The Ridge wallet doesn’t have bezels
  7. You get better materials with the Axwell Copper I tested

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a card out of an Axwell Wallet?

You can access a credit or debit card within the wallet in 4 to 6 seconds. I can reliably get the cards on the outside of the wallet in just 4 seconds, while it takes 2 seconds to access a card inside the stack of cards.

How much cash can I store in the cash strap?

The cash strap can easily handle ten or more bills, as the elastic band does a great job of holding quite a few bills (and even one or two). Ultimately, you will likely want at most ten, as it builds up on the bulk of the wallet.


While the weight of the Stonewashed Copper Wallet from Axwell is its biggest downside, the premium feel outweighs this downside. If you prefer quality over lightweight, you should look closer at this wallet. However, if you want to minimize a bit and lower the weight in your pockets, it is best to look elsewhere (even within the same brand).

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