Top 10 Best Outdoor Stores for Your Gear

Finding the right outdoor store to shop at is essential to ensure you get the right gear! You will want to find a store that offers the lifestyle you prefer. Some stores tend to offer products more towards the sporty crowd, while others are more for the farmers, and even more so, some are for the hunters!

Whether you want the most incredible camping coffee maker or a light-weight hiking tent, this list should send you in the right direction! So, without more to say, here are my top outdoor stores out there right now.

1. REI

REI is well known as an industry leader with its well thought out brick-and-mortar stores and its exceptional website. They have many products for sale in an array of outdoor industries.

REI specializes in camping, hiking, kayaking, snow sports, and more. You’ll find tons of excellent products ranging from camping stoves, bicycles, and gear to skis of all different types.

They veer more toward the outdoor lifestyle and less toward farming, or anything else. You’ll want to consider what REI offers if you want to spend a few days outside in comfort.

2. Sportsman’s Guide

With only a single retail store, this is an outdoor store you likely won’t visit often! However, they have an expansive website with tons of great products ranging from, camping, fishing, and more.

This company is very similar to what you would find at Cabela’s; however, even more so, it caters to the fishing, and other animal based sports crowd, with almost all of its inventory being positioned towards a fishing pastime.

3. Cabela’s

No list is complete without a mention of Cabela’s. I mean, some locations have mountains with animals or a fish tank to view fish, which is an incredible sight, even if you don’t want to buy anything.

They do carry many of the well-known brands like Columbia and the like. However, they do have a Cabela’s brand that brings incredible value. Many of the items that are Cabela’s branded have a similar quality to the high end brands are at a much lower price.

Cabela’s definitely caters to the fishing, animal based sports and camping crowd. It offers enormous sections for firearms, fishing gear, and more.

4. North 40

North 40 is a smaller brand of stores; however, their layout is excellent (especially with a recent update to their footprint). They carry clothing, shoes, off-road vehicle accessories, and more.

This store offers a lot of great brands out there; however, they have a smaller selection than others. Although, that is to be expected with the smaller footprint.

While they have many outdoor items, North 40 caters heavily to the farming, and lifestock crowd. You can buy ducklings and baby chicks in the spring and your fall bulbs.

5. Backcountry

If you want clothing for outdoor recreational adventures, then Backcountry is worth visiting!

This company is the only retailer on this list that is primarily an online company. Their website is clean and easy to use, and you can find what you need quickly.

They offer well-known brands like The North Face, Mountain Hard Wear, and Patagonia. Still, they also have their in-house Backcountry brand, which gives a great budget alternative.

6. Bass Pro Shop

This company owns Cabela’s, which may come as a surprise to many. The company was founded in 1972 within an 8-foot section of his father’s store. They now have over 200 locations.

Most of their stores are located in the south (but can be shopped online), with all the familiar brands you would expect. They specialize though in boats, ATVs, and fishing supplies.

Like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop caters to the fishing crowd (as you can imagine by its name). They carry many of the same brands and have a similar feel to their stores.

7. Tractor Supply

This retailer is another that offers explicit products to farmers and hunters. They do have a lot of brands on their shelves, though.

With over 1700 stores nationwide, they are a big name in the industry, definitely worth a check. If you both like to shop in-store and online, you are lucky, as Tractor Supply has huge retail locations and a great website.

8. Rural King

Rural King is a more traditional brick-and-mortor style outdoor store, that caters less to the stylized crowd, and more to the practical. That’s okay though, as they offer plenty of high-quality products at a great price. Just don’t expect to spend the day looking at cool mountains like Cabela’s.

They lean more on farming, and their site/store definitely shows that.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods

This retailer caters heavily to sporting goods. Dick’s Sporting Goods is smaller than some, at only having a little over 700 stores, but still impressive nonetheless. If you are on the hunt for a good bicycle, Dick’s Sporting Goods actually offers some of the best value mid-range mountain bikes on the market today! I really like their GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike.

10. Academy Sports and Outdoors

Academy has over 250 stores in 16 states at the moment. Their goal is to get people to enjoy sports and the outdoors. This means having many sporting items, backyard gear, and grilling supplies.

They have many different clothing brands and are worth looking into.


So there you have it! These are the top outdoors stores in the USA right now. They all have their own thing that they do really well.

I hope this has given you a good direction to find exactly what you want to purchase and maybe give you some new stores to keep in mind in the future.

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